About the school

Ceramics is an ancient art form. The design of decorative ceramics has been studied in schools and art academies for many centuries. But in the beginning of 21th century when I was telling that I am doing ceramics, people thought I was making tiles or plumbing or the traditional pottery, because almost no one knew that there is artistic ceramics as an art form or object design.

A lot of changes in ceramic perception have happened over the last 10 years and I have also contributed into it, running my blog and ceramics school.

As a ceramic artist, I try to tell you more. I am telling about various techniques of work, the artistic approach to the design of ceramics. Discover and explain to you variety of ceramics world: sculpture, frescoes, vases and objects, mirror frames, lamps, collectible author's tableware.

Ceramics is a progressive direction of object design in a modern interior.

Ceramics as a hobby and an opportunity for self-realization began to be popular in Russia around 2005. Over the past 10-15 years, people who became masters have entered ceramics from other professions.

But most of the people play with clay for their own pleasure. They do not start their careers in ceramics by studying at an art school, but get acquainted with it as a hobby by visiting the nearest pottery studio.

Since 2009, my school has become a bridge through which I lead students from an interest and first contact to the professional success. Adults and children come to our studio for classes.

I think it is important to combine practical experience with the theory of art, composition, color.

I explain the basics of design in simple, accessible language. I suggest starting with simple and understandable techniques.

This gives students the opportunity to get good results as quickly as possible.

In 2014, I created an online school and courses on ceramic decoration online to teach throughout Russia and abroad.

Now I am working on making my school international.

My online- courses on decoration and relief will be released in early 2023 in English and Spanish.

I am looking for enthusiasts and professionals to join my team to organise and conduct online groups with feedback in English, Spanish, Serbian languages or to conduct classes offline.

I don't speak all languages but I speak the language of ceramics and with an interpreter I will be able to show and convey my skills anywhere in the world.

Please contact me to discuss the details.

My YouTube channel and the school's website in Russian