I've been painting all the time I've been alive. Drawing and composition were an important part of my family education from my artist parents. As a child, I wanted to become a book illustrator

I like graphics, sketches. I also use a tablet and computer processing programs. I like movement and directing, so I studied animation and video editing.

In 1998, I studied at the Argus studio school in Anatoly Petrov's class, and later had an internship working at the Christmas Films studio.

In 2003, my author's film "Seti" became a participant of the All-Russian animated-festival in Suzdal and was selected for the international Croc festival. I made several more films and clips using animation for private orders.



tests for the films - "lullaby" and - "the dar"

Auditions for the film are DAR as a clip of the band "Dobranich" and a lullaby, where I recorded the sound of my singing my grandmother's song


I do a lot of tasks for the brand development of my own workshop and school of ceramics. I create posters, advertising creatives, calendars, prints for T-shirts and any merсh.

I shoot and edit videos and design advertising pages and this is part of my job as a promoter.