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Phone: +3 816 371-108-24

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My workshop, business, my “Lev and Sirin" and my art career are deeply rooted in Russia.

Now I am based in Serbia and looking for an opportunity to create new connections and projects, to collaborate with artists and studios all over the world.

I have very strong background in creation of workshop, school or online lessons as a full-fledged projects from the idea and development of a methodology, personal brand logos and identity to the selection of all necessary tools and materials. Also I have proven expertise in all types of marketing activities. This site is also created by myself entirely.

I make pictures, photos, and drawings, create a content for social networks, come up with events and concepts, paint walls and sing songs.

Instagram, banned in Russia, still has up and running blog @levsirin_ceramics with 23K subscribers and my ceramics school both offline and online.

Ceramists from all over the world write that they want to study and cooperate with me and now my online courses are about to be released in English and Spanish, Serbian.


2023 The exhibition "Not the past". Arkhangelskoe Museum

2023 Participant of the Festival of Historical Gardens Tsaritsino Museum Reserve

2022 - Moscov. Aanniversary exhibition of the project "tryn-trava" as modern russian style.

My project was among the finalists of the International Award "Golden Trezzini-2022"

2022 - Moscow Darwin Museum. "Bestiary".

2014- 2022 -The author of the idea, organizer, curator and participant of the festival of ceramics and lights "Lantern Festival" , which unites ceramists and professionals and amateurs on one site in Zvenigorod. In 2021, we held an exhibition of participants in the Moscow, the Union of Artists of Russia and it was international in the online version.

2022 - Moscow. Tsaritsyno Museum. Festival of Gardens and Park sculpture.

2021 - Moscow. "Moscow and Muscovites". Annual exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia

2021 - Palekh. The birthplace of Russia's most famous craft of painting lacquer miniatures. The project brought together a unique composition of contemporary artists.

Many of them are the successors of dynasties, these are people who study the tradition and create works based on it in a modern reading

Festival of traditional contemporary art "Palekh Bestiary".

2021 - Kaluga. International Ceramics Festival "Music of Spheres"

2020 - Moscow. Tsaritsyno Museum. "Surfaces".

2020 - Moscow. All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts "Tryn-trava"

2019 - Moscow. Gallery "Niko". The exhibition "Texture and color".

2017 - Zvenigorod. A joint photo project with jeweler Elena Okutova and an exhibition of ceramics and jewelry

2017 - Olkhon. International Symposium "Baikal-ceramystica"

2016 - Zvenigorod. Personal exhibition.

1978 I was born in a family of ceramic artists.

My town Zvenigorod in Moscow region. Since my early childhood, I painted a lot and my first small exhibition was, when I was 5 and took place in the city museum.

1990 My acquaintance with ceramics took place at the international symposium of high fire.

So, ceramics became an integral part of life, an opportunity for creative self-expression and my profession.

1990 - 2012 I studied and practiced in the Kupriyanovs creative workshop of the, absorbing the deep traditions of the Soviet school of applied-art and the underground.

The workshop was engaged in interior and facade projects. I participated in group and solo projects, as an author of design-sketches, projects and ceramics.

1998 - 1999 A great influence in my works was during the training of multiplication in Anatoly Petrov's class.

2001 and 2003 My directorial works participated in the Russian Animation Festivals.

2003 - 2005 I was created several animated and video films , such as music-clips and family stories for private customers

2012 Me and my husband Sasha Umnikov started a story our family workshop and our art-brand - "Lev and Sirin". Now it is a ceramics workshop, a residense and school for adults and children.

2014 I developed as a methodologist my online-course.

It was the first experience online course in ceramics in Russia. It was a teacher there by myself and I conducted it since that and from 2015 I created a blog popularizing ceramics in Russia and telling about my work and life @levsirin_ceramics. Now it hase 23 thousand followers.

Blogging is my job and gives me the opportunities my popular online school, which I am now doing internationally.

2014 - The author of the idea, organizer, curator and participant of the festival of ceramics and lights "Lantern Festival" , which unites ceramists and professionals and amateurs on one site.

2017 - 2022 in Zvenigorod. In 2021, we held an exhibition of participants in the Moscow Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia. Ceramists and studios from different cities of Russia, Tatarstan, Italy and USA took part in the online version of the festival.

2019 I graduate the "Contemporary art" course of the British School of Design in Moscow.

It gave my the beginning of my exhibition activity.

2018, 2019 and 2021 I was the organizer of "the Ceramic-Jam" residency. Ceramic-jam gives authors of different genres to ceramics to work in the studio and experiment. I invited masters of ceramic- painting, pottery and creators of modern forms to collaborate.

2023 "Lev and Sirin" workshop became my own gallery, where are my students, colleagues and friends can take part in permanent exhibition

2023 Сame to Serbia. I'm creating a new studio in Novi Sad